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Games & MVG's

More than 80% of the biggest revenue digital products in app stores are games. Our team publishes a minimum of 1 to 4 MVGs (Minimum Viable Games) per month for iOS and Android, the most important mobile platforms.

We are looking to work with entrepreneurs and brands as well as publish our own games ideas for the market.

2D or 3D gameS, using Unity, Cocos2Dx or natives, we've done it.

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In recent years there has been an increase in app and videogame purchases, combined with a 37% smartphone entrance in Mexican society as part of it's growth in Latin America.

We want to take the Minimum Viable Games in our portfolio to clubs, telephone carriers and new distribution channels that the Latin American consumer can pay. If you're making games or you're a content aggregator, we want to work with you.

Because we know we can trascend making art in form of apps & videogames that people love.

We help discovering oportunities on the market & and the analysis of what's already on the appstores, we refine it and we search for the best way to place it for success.

We make videogames, MVP's & propietary products, app developement, licencing of our intelectual property and community crowd publishing.


Games created… and still going up!


utility products launched to the market


active users each month in our game network


products developed for clients, games or apps


Downloads of our games/apps on ios/Google play… and still going up!


people in our team, plus strategic alliances

the path that we forged


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